Symptoms of ADHD in Children
By Downers Grove Pediatrics
April 09, 2020
Category: Child Safety
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Are you concerned about your child's impulsivity? Is he or she struggling in school? These symptoms and more may indicate a neurodevelopmental disorder called ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. At Downers Grove Pediatrics in Bolingbrook and Downers Grove, IL, your six board-certified pediatricians help children receive diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, giving your family the relief and direction you need.

What is ADHD?

Healthline reports that 10 percent of American children, more boys than girls by a margin of two to one, are diagnosed with a mental/developmental problem called ADHD. Definitive diagnosis typically comes by the age of seven. The majority of these cases carry over into adulthood, impacting interpersonal relationships and employment.

At Downers Grove Pediatrics in Bolingbrook and Downers Grove, IL, your child's doctor is the first and best medical provider to consult with your concerns. He or she can assess your child's symptoms, make recommendations for additional testing by a specialist and prescribe behavioral therapies and medications as indicated.

ADHD can be managed. However, families need much support, counseling and professional help to do so.

What are the symptoms of ADHD?

The American Psychiatric Association says ADHD presents with obviously abnormal levels of activity and behavior. The most commonly occurring symptom is extreme inattentiveness to tasks, conversations, and instructions at home and school. Other signs include:

  • Extreme emotional outbursts and tantrums, particularly in younger children
  • Very limited concentration, even during favorite TV shows and other activities
  • Impulsive behavior and poor judgment
  • Constant interrupting during conversations or teaching time
  • Restlessness and inability to sit still or even stay sitting
  • Forgetfulness
  • Poor organizational skills
  • Incessant talking
  • Poor school performance despite obvious intelligence
  • Little attention to detail
  • Misplacing clothes, homework, money and sports gear

Diagnosing and treating ADHD

Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder comes from a review of symptoms as noticed by parents, family, teachers, and others in the school environment. Your pediatrician may initiate a referral to a learning/behavioral specialist for additional review and testing.

Some children benefit from behavioral therapies. Others need medications such as Ritalin to regulate the levels of brain chemicals such as dopamine. More are helped by a care plan which combines both. At-home strategies include reduction of sugars in the diet, increasing exercise and limiting screen time on computers, TV, phones and more.

What does your child need?

Bring your child and your concerns about ADHD for competent compassionate help from Downers Grove Pediatrics. We want to help! For a consultation with one of our pediatricians, contact one of our two locations. In Downers Grove, phone (630) 852-4551. In Bolingbrook, IL, call us at (630) 759-9230.