Is Your Child on Schedule with Their Immunizations?

Sticking to a proper immunization schedule is the best way to keep your child healthy.Immunizations

As your child continues to grow and reach new developmental milestones it’s important that they are getting the proper medical care they need along the way. As parents, you want to do what you can to prevent your child from developing health problems, especially if there is an immunization out there that could protect your child from a potentially life-threatening or debilitating illness. Our Downers Grove and Bolingbrook, IL, pediatricians are here to provide you with the scoop on childhood immunizations so you don’t fall behind.

When should my child start getting immunizations?

The moment your child is born it’s important that you have a children’s doctor in Downers Grove and Bolingbrook, IL, that you trust to provide your new addition with the medical care they need as they continue to grow. As soon as your child is born they will receive immunizations at the hospital; however, once you leave the hospital it is up to you to schedule your baby’s first checkup.

There is a slew of immunizations your child will need to get throughout the course of their early life. It can be difficult to remember them all since there are quite a bit. Keeping this immunization schedule handy will ensure that you don’t skip an important vaccine. The CDC even offers smartphone-friendly immunization schedules so that you can check this on the go.

Why are immunizations important?

Immunizations are one of the number one ways to prevent serious and potentially deadly diseases and there is no alternative to getting your child vaccinated. Not only do you protect your child from 14 serious illnesses throughout their childhood by getting them vaccinated but you also protect yourself and the rest of your family.

Do you need to schedule your child’s next pediatric appointment in Bolingbrook or Downers Grove, IL? Do you have questions about the different immunizations your child needs? If so, don’t hesitate to turn to Downers Grove Pediatrics to answer your questions and provide your child with the proper care they deserve.

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