Does My Child Have Lice?

According to the CDC, approximately 6-12 million American children age 3 to 11 are infested with lice each year. If you suspect your child has come into contact with lice your Bolingbrook pediatrician at Downers Grove Pediatrics can detect the infestation and offer medical treatment. Let the medical professionals at Downers Grove Pediatrics, located in Downers Grove and Bolingbrook, IL, treat a potential lice outbreak in your home.

Detecting Lice On Your Child

Lice are parasitic insects that most commonly infest the hair of young children. Lice are small, brown, and may be hard to detect with the naked eye alone. If you notice your child has developed an irritable or itchy scalp it may be a sign of lice infestation. Other symptoms can include sores developed from itching, inflamed bumps around the head and neck, or visible white lice eggs.

The pediatricians at Downers Grove Pediatrics, located in Bolingbrook, IL and Downers Grove, IL, can help detect lice in children with special techniques and equipment, such as lice comb or Wood's light. After diagnosis, your Bolingbrook pediatrician can recommend the proper solution to your child's infestation.

Treating Lice On Your Child

Lice can be treated in a variety of ways. It is best to contact your local child doctor to determine the right path of treatment for your little one. One form of treatment for lice is insecticidal shampoo or lotion, such as Permethrin lotion. Your Downers Grove pediatrician may also prescribe other types of lotion such as Benzyl alcohol lotion.

It is important to note that all persons in an infested household may be subject to treatment if the lice have spread. Washing all clothing, sheets, and furniture in the house is necessary to eradicate the lice and prevent further infestation.

What to do If Your Child Has Lice?

If you are worried your child has lice, look for the aforementioned symptoms, and follow the guidance of your Bolingbrook pediatrician. Prevent the spread and do not delay treatment. Contact your local children's doctor in Bolingbrook, IL. You can call Downers Grove Pediatrics in Bolingbrook, IL at (630) 759-9230, or contact their Downers Grove Office at (630) 852-4551 to schedule an appointment today.

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